Increase Web Client Performance with Memcache

Memcache is a protocol to access a simple key-value store, that is memory-backed, over a network socket. The memcached server does not perform any form of access control and is optimal for certain caches used in the Kolab web client (and associated HTTP-based access interfaces), by avoiding superfluous login, access control, and other such software […]

Redundant Firewalls with High-Availability & Load-Balancing

This article is a guide to setting up redundant firewalls using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, that services high-availability and load-balancing requirements for the firewalls themselves as well as the services in networks behind it. The base architecture of the network consists of at least 1 subnet on the outside of the firewalls, facing the […]

Changing the Cyrus Administrator or Kolab Service Account Password

Changing the Kolab Service account password can be cumbersome business, since most services are configured to use the account to bind to LDAP and be able to read the entries. Examples of such services include Postfix, the Kolab SASL Authentication Daemon, the Kolab Synchronization Daemon, Cyrus IMAP, Roundcube, Chwala, Wallace, iRony, the Kolab Web Administration […]

How can I limit the size of Kontact/Akonadi debug output?

Kontact and Akonadi log a lot of data on stdout if started in a console. If that output is collected in a logfile, then the amount of data can become problematic. The way to reduce the amount of debug messages printed is by using kdebugdialog┬áto disable debugoutput for the relevant components. Searching for e.g. “akonadi” […]

Reference Architecture for MariaDB Galera Cluster

A MariaDB Galera Cluster is the recommended deployment for a scalable database server architecture, and this article outlines what it looks like, and what its benefits are. Following this reference architecture will result in a load-balanced cluster, with high-availability achieved through load-balancing.

Create a Catch All Email Address

A catch-all email address is used to accept all email traffic to an entire domain, no matter the validity of the envelope recipient address. While catch-all addresses are prone to spam, they are often used to; lure in spammers, and let them waste their time, potentially reducing spam sent to valid targets, ensure that messages […]

Installation Instructions for Kolab 16 on CentOS 7

This article outlines the installation procedure for Kolab 16 on CentOS 7 for x86_64 architectures. Please note subtly different instructions apply to different installations; Installation Instructions for Kolab 16 on CentOS 7 with Plesk Onyx Installation Instructions for Kolab 16 on RHEL 7 Installation Instructions for Kolab 16 on RHEL 7 on Power 8 Installation […]