Public and Shared Folders

Public folders, aka. shared folders, are folders used to share information between multiple users or groups of users. As they are separate from any one individual user’s mailbox, with public and shared folders it does not matter who leaves or joins the team, group or organization. The user’s mailbox may be deleted, but Public folders […]

Configuring Syncroton for ActiveSync connections..

It is possible to connect to a kolab 16 server through the ActiveSync protocol. This makes it possible to use the Microsoft Outlook client in the most effective way towards Kolab. Kolab-syncroton, the kolab ActiveSync implementation, is installed together with the default installation.

Why does the Files app in the Web Client not work?

When the Files application in the web client appears to “not work”, the symptoms may include; An empty left-hand side list of folders, Inability to save attachments to the cloud, Inability to attach files from the cloud, An error displayed upon loading the application. Resolving the Empty Folder List, Inability to Save/Attach to/from Cloud If […]

How can I limit the size of Kontact/Akonadi debug output?

Kontact and Akonadi log a lot of data on stdout if started in a console. If that output is collected in a logfile, then the amount of data can become problematic. The way to reduce the amount of debug messages printed is by using kdebugdialog┬áto disable debugoutput for the relevant components. Searching for e.g. “akonadi” […]