Using Catch All Email Addresses

A catch-all email address is an address that is used as a fall-back for when no other recipients are available. Ergo, it is the email address that receives all email for a domain that isn’t already delivered to other users or groups or shared folders.

A default Kolab environment is not configured to facilitate catch-all addresses, so this article outlines why and how to configure such a catch-all email address in a way that allows the use of another relatively obscure but very powerful feature — the use of address extensions.

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Manage the Size of the 389 Directory Server Changelog DB

In a replicated LDAP environment that uses 389 Directory Server or Red Hat Directory Server, replication masters maintain a record of changes that are to be pushed out to replication slaves. This changelog can principally grow indefinitely, and it is therefore advised to allow it to only contain the changes for a limited period of time.

This article outlines how to achieve this.

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