Installation Instructions for Kolab 16 on RHEL 7 on Power 8

This article outlines the installation procedure for Kolab 16 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for Power 8 architectures.

Please note subtly different instructions apply to different installations;

Install Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL)

# rpm -Uhv

Import the GPG key

# rpm --import

Install the Kolab release RPM

# yum install

Install Kolab

Update first;

# yum update

Please note the installation of Kolab components requires the optional repository to be enabled.

# yum --enablerepo=rhel-7-server-optional-rpms install kolab

To receive updates pushed through the optional repository (recommended), please consider executing:

# subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7-server-optional-rpm

Install Kolab;

# yum -y install kolab
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