Migration to the new Kolab repositories

Apheleia IT AG keeps the Kolab repositories under maintenance and makes those available for users through a mirror. Recently the mirror infrastructure has been renewed and updated, and the old mirror is now deprecated. The new mirror is available at:


The new repositories can be configured in an existing Kolab installation by updating the mirror path through the package manager.

CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

yum install https://mirror.apheleia-it.ch/repos/Kolab:/16/kolab-16-for-el7.rpm && yum update

CentOS 8 / RHEL 8 / Alma Linux 8 / Rocky Linux 8

dnf install https://mirror.apheleia-it.ch/repos/Kolab:/16/kolab-16-for-el8.rpm && dnf update

CentOS 8 Stream

dnf install https://mirror.apheleia-it.ch/repos/Kolab:/16/kolab-16-for-el8stream.rpm && dnf update

CentOS 9 Stream

dnf install https://mirror.apheleia-it.ch/repos/Kolab:/16/kolab-16-for-el9stream.rpm && dnf update

This will update the mirror path in the OS and install the Kolab updates from the new repository.
Please note that this will trigger an update in all kolab packages due to version changes, so it is expected that a large number of kolab packages are updated.



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