Installation Instructions for Kolab 16 on Ubuntu 18.04

This article describes the installation procedure for Kolab 16 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic).

Install Required Packages

Several packages are required to start off the installation, that may or may not be already installed on your system. Please install those packages;

# apt-get install aptitude apt-transport-https gnupg wget

Install the GPG Signature

Install the public key used to sign the repository metadata with:

# wget -q -O- | apt-key add -

Configure the Kolab Software Repositories

NOTE: The Ubuntu 18.04 Universe software repository needs to be enabled, but may not be by default. Please see external references.

Add the following two lines to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kolab.list:

deb bionic release updates
deb-src bionic release updates

Set the Repository Priority

To ensure the Kolab packages have priority over the Debian packages, such as must be the case for PHP as well as Cyrus IMAP, please make sure the APT preferences pin the origin as a preferred source.

Put the following in /etc/apt/preferences.d/kolab:

Package: *
Pin: origin
Pin-Priority: 501

Install Kolab

Update the repository metadata:

# apt-get update

Start the installation of the base package as follows:

# aptitude install kolab

When asked to confirm you want to install the package and its dependencies, press Enter.

NOTE: When you are asked for the preferred default configuration of Postfix, either choose ‘No configuration’ or ‘Internet Site’.

Next steps

Run the setup-kolab script as described in this article.

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