Configuring Kolab with setup-kolab

After having installed kolab (following the appropriate install guide in this knowledge base) it needs to be configured. The script ‘setup-kolab’ is distributed with the out-of-the-box installation and is taking care of the basic configuration, but a successful configuration is depending on the environment that Kolab is installed into. Many aspects and variables will have an impact on the configuration. This guide is only touching on the absolute basics. For information and assistance with more complex installation scenarios, please contact

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Upgrading from Kolab 3.4 to Kolab 16

The purpose of this guide is, to describe the procedure of upgrading a Kolab Goupware installation from a default installed Kolab 3.4 (last “community version”) to Kolab 16. The guide is not taking into consideration any customized configuration. neither is it considering installations of Kolab 3.4 on CentOS 6, which is not supported for Kolab 16.

Upgrading Kolab

Install the Kolab Groupware repository configuration:

# cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
# wget

Remove the existing Kolab 3.4 repositories:

# rm Kolab\:3.4.repo
# rm Kolab\:3.4\:Updates.repo

Make sure that the packages from the Kolab repositories have a higher priority than e.g. the EPEL packages:

# for f in /etc/yum.repos.d/Kolab*.repo; do echo "priority = 60" >> $f; done

Replace php-mysql with php-mysqlnd:

# yum shell
> remove php-mysql
> install php-mysqlnd
> run
(Confirm as requested)
> exit

Update all:

# yum -y update


During the cleanup, you might see the message:

/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.TUmak9: line 1: fg: no job control
Cleanup : cyrus-imapd-2.5-108.3.el7.kolab_3.4.x86_64 347/404
/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.K51Mal: line 2: fg: no job control
warning: %postun(cyrus-imapd-2.5-108.3.el7.kolab_3.4.x86_64) scriptlet failed, exit status 1
Non-fatal POSTUN scriptlet failure in rpm package cyrus-imapd-2.5-108.3.el7.kolab_3.4.x86_64

This is a warning, and the Cyrus-imapd package will be updated. This can be checked after the update with the command:

# rpm -qv cyrus-imapd

Drop the policy_result table from MySQL.

Updating the Configuration

After upgrading the packages to Kolab 16 repository, the configuration needs to be updated.

Configure the new module “Guam”:

# setup-kolab guam


If the Kolab 3.4 installation was a standard installation with no changes to the defaults, then the following 2 commands can be run at no risk (The correct password for the current roundcube database user is still needed for verification).

However, if changes were made to the defaults, the original configuration should be copied off for later compare with the newly written configuration.

Update the roundcube configuration:

As setup-kolab is unable to write to the already existing mysql database, an error message will show:

ERROR 1007 (HY000) at line 1: Can’t create database ’roundcube’; database exists
ERROR 1050 (42S01) at line 8: Table ‘session’ already exists

The new and updated config file will however be written and the appropriate services be restarted.

The correct password for the current roundcube database user is still needed for verification.

# setup-kolab roundcube

Update the imap configuration:

# setup-kolab imap